Campaign India Digital Crest Awards

Our jury loves creative digital campaigns. The only thing they love more are creative digital campaigns that delivered on stated marketing objectives.

If digital's USP is that it is more measurable, shouldn't digital campaigns be awarded for results they achieve?

The Campaign India Digital Crest Awards 2024 (CIDCA) places maximum emphasis on results achieved through digital marketing campaigns, be they social, mobile, apps, digital, experiential...

Campaign India's premier property to celebrate excellence in digital marketing is in its tenth year. And it focuses relentlessly on results, with an all-marketer (and digital-related client functions) jury.

Did your digital campaigns click with consumers? Enter CIDCA 2024 if they did. Make your best pitch.

Digital Crest Awards

Campaign India Digital Crest Awards 2024

Campaign India is back with the fourteenth edition of its awards to honour excellence in digital advertising and marketing.

Rechristened Campaign India Digital Crest Awards (CIDCA) in 2013, the property has evolved over the last ten years from its origins (as the Campaign India Digital Media Awards), to remain contemporary, relevant and inclusive of the dynamic changes in the digital ecosystem.

It will seek to identify and reward the most engaging, creative and effective campaigns across digital media.

Did your digital campaigns click with consumers? Enter CIDCA 2024 if they did. Make your best pitch.

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Essential Dates

Entries Open

6th June 2024

Early Entry Deadline

14th June 2024

Entry Deadline

17th July2024

Awards Night




Awarded to the strategic development of a game that effectively and creatively reached target customers to build or maintain their brand and market share while attaining marketing objectives.


Awarded to an innovative, entertainment or informative app developed specifically as part of an ongoing campaign or stand alone addition to a brand that effectively and creatively reached target customers to attain marketing objectives. There are two sub-categories:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Online Apps

Augmented Reality

Awarded to the best use of Augmented Reality in a campaign.

Best Use of AI

The creative application of experiences which push the boundaries of technology. Entries will include but not be limited to AR, VR, AI, wearable tech and mobile devices, voice technology, video mapping, block chain technology, gamification, virtual worlds. Today with more and more brands using AI, the campaign has to talk about the effective use of AI in the campaign.

Best content on an OTT platform

With more and more series coming up on OTT platforms, this category will award the platform which has the best original content.

Best use of digital personal assistant

As Siri, Alexa, Google assistant and their tribe gain global acceptance, this category looks at the best use of digital personal assistants in marketing and their integration with the overall brand experience

Content Community

The v/blog maybe under any subject, vertical, with content generated by an individual or a group, for a brand / corporate / brand or corporate property. This could be a blog that pushes for a government / corporate / social policy change. Communities built around social causes or natural calamities will be moved to 'Social Cause' category unless backed by a brand or corporate entity. Entries will be judged basis popularity, virality, originality, consistency and quality of content – against stated objectives.


Awarded to the campaign that uses online display advertising, including but not limited to, banners of any format, page takeovers, and rich media.

Digital Strategy

Awarded to the digital campaign where the agency has been able to put together a go-to-market plan that's independent of the ATL activities. Results of this plan need to be submitted with metrics.

Digital Craft

  • Best Writing

Awarded to the best piece of writing for a particular campaign. Individual entries or single (blog) posts will not be considered.

  • Best Use of Design and Navigation

Awarded to the best use of design and navigation as part of a website or an app layout

  • Best use of Interaction Design in Online or Mobile Apps

The science of interaction design plays a far broader role in customer engagement. This sub-category intends to celebrate success in interaction design

  • Art Direction/Communication in digital Design

The effort that goes into art direction of digital assets ranging from display, email or social media posts often go unrecognised within the framework of a larger campaign or strategy. This category attempts to bring these initiatives into the mainstream

e-Commerce Omni-channel strategy

A campaign that demonstrates use of multiple channels to acquire, engage and sell to consumers, improving efficiency and returns to an online commerce brand.


Awarded to innovative digital work on OOH media or as part of an experiential marketing (activation) campaign. In case of on-screen creative, adaptation for OOH media and innovation therein would be valued. Additional weightage will be given for activating consumers through additional digital channels like mobile, promoting interactivity.

Format Innovation

Most of the content and communication is restricted to a 16:9 frame. This category rewards the innovative use of content that breaks the frame and sets new standards


To be considered for the integrated media award, projects must show how they used digital amongst a range of media, including offline channels, in the best possible way to promote a product or service. This means that the creative, media, online and offline elements of the campaign were designed to ensure that the combination of different channels produced an effect greater than the sum of its parts.

Insight-led programmatic buying

Awarded to the best use of insights in programmatic advertising, use of a seamless media and creative strategy, recaliberation in real time and optimal use of client resources

Innovation in e-commerce

This category accepts cases that have to do with innovation in commerce. For example, excellence in e-commerce using a cognitive commerce interface

Long-term strategy

Awarded to the digital campaign where the agency has been servicing the client for more than one year and different online projects were executed through the duration to solve business problems.


Awarded to the digital campaign that is most effective in generating customer loyalty to an existing brand, service or product, measured through increasing persistence/purchase frequency.

Media innovation

Awarded to the campaign that uses existing or newly created digital media in fresh and innovative ways to explore new channels of communication and achieve marketing success during the review period.


Awarded to the best use of the mobile platform to create a measurable impact. Mobile use could refer to all types of advertising that can be accessed on mobile phones, tablets and phablets. There are three sub-categories:

  • Display
  • SMS
  • Voice-Based
  • Integrated

Online Commerce Campaign

  • Customer acquistion
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer retention

Online Commerce as defined here includes any brand that allows consumers to transact online, including apps like those for ticketing and food ordering. Results provided will form a key element of evaluation like with other categories, and absolute numbers will score higher than percentages.

Online marketing

Awarded to the campaign that uses multiple online elements together as the key engagement driver and to achieve proven results in relation to the objectives set. Entries must build a complete picture by showing how the campaign played across digital channels. Should include multiple online elements (for example banners, viral videos, landing sites, etc.). This means that the elements of the campaign were designed to ensure that the combination of different channels produced an effect greater than the sum of its parts.

Online Video

Awarded to the video(s) used in a campaign and made for online distribution. Entrants will be required to state if the video was also transmitted on TV or any other channel after going live online. This information will be supplied to the jury and will be considered while voting. Videos that were released online after the TV/cinema release do not qualify.

  • Short form (180 seconds or less)
  • Long form (Over 180 seconds)

A shorter edit of the same 'Long form' Online Video may be entered in Short form. It will be evaluated separately in both categories, based on how each version played a role in achieving stated objectives.

Real Time Advertising

Ad campaigns created as a response to current news. Could be reactions on social media to trending news or very recent events.


  • SEO/Paid search

Awarded to the best use of search marketing to create a measurable impact. Tactics could include search engine optimisation and/or paid search

  • Application of technology in search

As the definition of search evolves, this sub-category has been instituted to reward excellence in voice search, application of structured microdata and more.


Awarded in this category will be digital entries and/or campaigns where the work need not necessarily be created for a client brand. This could be for fictitious brands, even. The category is aimed at showcasing and recognising creative work that has pushed boundaries in digital advertising and marketing. As with other categories, the entry needs to reflect use of technology and innovation towards customer impact. Specific to the 'Showcase' category, it needs to show clients unexplored possibilities that could be pursued by them in future.
Note: For the 'Showcase' category, the client approval letter will have to be sent by the respective agency head.

Social cause

From objective to ideation to execution to results, the entrant needs to showcase how a digital marketing campaign helped an NGO, or a social cause supported by a corporate/brand. This could also be entered in one or more other categories listed above (except Showcase). Use of different digital elements will beget more points. There are two sub-categories:

  • Social cause supported by a corporate/brand
  • Campaign for an NGO

Use of Data

  • For CRM
  • For New Business

This could be for any category of product or service. Innovation and creativity in sourcing, interpreting and using data to achieve business objectives will be evaluated.

Use of social media in a campaign

Awarded to the campaign that innovatively uses social media most effectively and creatively to reach target customers to build or maintain their brand and market share while attaining marketing objectives set during the review period. Entries should truly make use of social media platforms beyond simply the viral reach of a campaign.

Viral marketing campaign

Awarded to the digital content or campaign that uses communication that has been developed specifically to be distributed virally to a mass audience via the Internet. Entries in this category must be presented so that the judges can see how an individual was led to the video/website etc. – the triggers of virality. Must be accompanied by a media / distribution / seeding plan and achieved results.


Awarded to the campaign that best uses a website to create a measurable impact as part of an overall marketing communications strategy.

  • Corporate / Brand
  • Campaigns

Entry Guidelines

Who should enter?

Entry is open to clients, publishers and media owners, as well as digital agencies, advertising agencies, production or design companies, or other relevant marketing service providers. Any entry for a particular project should be coordinated between the different parties involved. In case the same piece of work is entered by multiple parties in the same category, the award, if any, will be shared between multiple entrants.

Eligibility period

Campaigns launched or current during the period from 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024 are eligible to enter the awards.

Entries Open: 6th June 2024
Entry fees

From 6th June to 14th June 2024 - ₹9,500 per entry + GST
From 15th June to 17th July 2024 - ₹10,500 per entry + GST

Each entry must include the following to be considered complete:
  • Completed online entry form
  • Support materials on a microsite/landing page or uploaded online (Follow format requirements)
  • Each supporting item should not be more than 10 MB
  • Total payment for all entries to be cleared before 17th July 2024

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